Manvinder “Manny” Sahota – ZOR Basketball Academy

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Founder: Manvinder (Manny) Sahota

A Little Bit About Manny and ZOR Basketball…

I am a business owner and philanthropist. I attended Cornell University on a basketball scholarship after high school but completed my degree in Environment Science & Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, where I was also the captain of the Varsity Blues squad for 4 years!

I have been a part of many organizations in the past, taking on different roles in various clubs but nothing has been as fulfilling and meaningful as starting my own organization. Last April, I officially announced the launch of  ZOR Basketball Academy at Brampton City Hall, and initiated a movement to help positively shape aspiring student-athletes in my community. ZOR Basketball Academy is more than just a sport organization as we encompass academics into our service offerings and really try to motivate athletes to balance their priorities, as well as their leadership and soft skills.

Favourite Thing About Being an Entrepreneur…

My favourite thing about being an entrepreneur is that there is no end to your day. In a way this is a gift and a curse, but knowing that there is always room for growth is very motivating and really pushes me to continue building something special. The work that you put in will show in the results of your business, so it is extremely satisfying to see the fruits of your labour after developing a vision and putting in the hours to work towards it.

Challenges of Being a Millennial Entrepreneur…

Some of the challenges with being a millennial entrepreneur include entering into previously established competitive markets, developing a brand in a community that may be over-saturated with businesses, and creating a team of trusted individuals that are committed to your vision. Often times you will also find that it is difficult for people to take you seriously until there is something to show and support. These challenges will likely become minimized over time, but initially are things to consider when trying to standout and distinguish your unique brand.

Advice to Other Millennials Looking to Attain Greatness in Business?

Don’t be afraid of the challenges that lie ahead in transferring your vision from thought to physical fruition! There will always be challenges and obstacles that stand in your way, but if you’re able to look down, grind and get past the nitty gritty details that pertain to getting your business off the ground, the initial success you receive will only motivate you to continue growing, networking, and building customer relations.

Cool Things Coming Up for ZOR Basketball Academy…

We just recently hosted a family day event where we raised over $500 in donations for the @camhfoundation and raised awareness to #endthestigma associated with mental health in our community! Our youth league and training programs currently operate every Saturday out of Brampton, Ontario, and we will be adding new programming come March. You can follow us on social media @zorbasketball or sign up for the weekly ZOR newsletter via and stay up to date with upcoming events.

Find out more about Manny and ZOR Basketball Academy at  

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