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Being a millennial entrepreneur can be hard! Where to start? How to stay motivated? So many questions! The MAGS’ staff has put together three tips we wanted to share with you! These tips (and hard work) have helped us kick off numerous projects, initiatives and this organization!

Brainstorm sessions

Have an idea or maybe 10? Write them down regardless of how small they may seem. Revisit those ideas later and find out how you can expand and improve them. It’s also nice to have the opinion of others so bounce your ideas off of people you know will be honest and helpful (that’s what MAGS is here for!)

Increase your network and net worth

I once had a colleague tell me that Millennials were approaching networking the wrong way. We expect to meet people for five minutes at a conference or career fair and want them to serve as references, help us find new opportunities or even get us jobs, but that is not always possible! Your network should be comprised of people who know your skills, personality and work ethic. People whom you’ve had conversations with and can vouch for you when necessary. The advice and assistance of those individuals will become integral in helping you launch and maintain your business ventures.

Mind your business and don’t be hard of yourself… literally

Be mindful of your business venture and yours alone. Yeah Bob and Becky may be launching clothing lines as well but focus on what will make yours different and unique. It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re “not doing” which can ultimately be very discouraging. Focus on creating the best product or service for your client and work at your own pace! Things will work out!




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