Patrik – X10

Founder: Patrik Kabongo

A little bit about Patrik and X10…PK Official.png

I am a musician, creative, and man of faith and student of life. Writing thoughts is something I’ve always engaged in so I eventually found myself doing it with music (Patrik has written multiple songs).

X10 is a collective of passionate instruments. We are a group of people working our way at things using what we have, variables I’d say. Nine of my best friends and I started X10 back in school and it found itself at a forefront of positivity & content.

Favourite Thing About Being an Entrepreneur and Creative…

The best thing about being a creative is definitely being creative. I feel, as a “creation”, being given the gift to create is a major blessing. I get to write about what I want, when I want, how I feel and I’m never persecuted for reflecting on what I feel.

Challenges of Being a Millennial Entrepreneur…

I’d say balancing all my priorities. Some times a lot of things come at me and I try managing them all at once because I believe them to all be important. Also, getting a team was something I had found challenging. But as an artist nothing to be honest, it’s all part of the work day to day.

Advice to Other Millennials Looking to Attaining Greatness in the Music Industry…

Get a good team! Get a good team! That’s the most crucial part other than working on your craft and developing you passions, which will continuously intrigue you. Stay true to yourself and be open to criticism & change.

Cool Things Coming Up for Patrik…

I have some new music I’m working on, an EP called Spadina and a plan on releasing more visuals in the near future. So there’s a lot to look forward to, if you guys are interested in hearing my boring voice find me on all social media networks as @x10pk, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify all that good stuff we’re all into.

Find out more about Patrik at and check out his music at

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