MySpace – Creating the Perfect Office Space for Millennial Entrepreneurs

We all know how important it is to be comfortable in the space that we work in. Because we spend such long hours at our work places, it’s important to have the right work space!

A fish could never thrive in a desert because it would be in the wrong environment. The same can be said for entrepreneurs and their workspaces.  Being in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere plays a huge role in your overall mood and how productive you are at work. The most productive work spaces have great lighting, light color, great seating and last but not least plants to bring an earthy feel to the room.

Your work space should reflect the type of work that you do. You can’t expect to design your office space with lounge chairs and barstool if you are a corporate lawyer. Once people enter your work space, they should be able to tell within the first 10 seconds what type of business you are running. It’s important for you to implement the right colors, good lighting and great work stations.

How to create the perfect work Space

Integrate Brand Colors


When using colours always remember to incorporate your brand colours. Remember, when adding color to your space make sure to stick with a maximum of 2 colors. You don’t want to overwhelm your space with too many colours. 


Designate Spaces

Make sure every area has a purpose. This can be achieved by breaking up the space with room dividers, couches and or a desk. Each space should have its own feel.


Office Vibes

Try to personalize your space. Make it specific to you and your style. It’s important that your space has a sense of personality. This can be done through including pictures of family and friends, books and art on the wall. 



Good lighting is always important when trying to create the right work environment. You can have the best furniture, the best decorated space, but if the lighting is off no one will appreciate it. Try to use as much natural lighting as possible. Keep windows clear of clutter if you have blinds, keep them open during office hours.


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Interested in getting advice on designing your office space? Contact Aina Aidoo at for a consultation! 




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