Chasitie & Morgan – The Cocoa Hue

Founders: Morgan Mbadugha & Chasitie Lindsay

Creativity comes in many forms! Morgan and Chasitie wanted to create a platform to showcase and celebrate a wide range of creative arts through highlighting culture, lifestyle and spirituality. 


A Little Bit About Morgan, Chasitie and The Cocoa Hue…

The Cocoa Hue is a collective and creative services agency. We use our site as a platform to share our perspective and the voices of fellow artists, creators, and influencers. Chasitie Lindsay is a wife, mother, DJ, business owner, and co-founder. She started her journey as an entrepreneur in May of 2017. Morgan Mbadugha is a wife, author, speaker, and poet. She started her journey as an entrepreneur in June of 2017. The two creators are heavily influenced by spirituality, art, and culture and use them as means to connect and tell relevant stories. They hope to spawn new perspectives and give insight on any and every topic. The Cocoa Hue also offers photography and dj’ing servics and are located in Houston.


Favourite Thing About Being Entrepreneurs…

Chasitie: Being able to create my schedule, having control over my workload and stress level, having creative license and being able to do what you love.


Morgan: Making money for myself, putting hours and sweat equity into something to build a legacy, making a schedule that’s conducive to my lifestyle, having a substantial amount of time to myself to re-focus, pray and meditate. 


What You’ve Learned About Yourselves Since Starting The Cocoa Hue… 

Collectively, we’ve learned how to depend totally on God, and not the security of a constant check. Having faith and trust in the process and in ourselves and our God-given abilities and talents. Becoming more and more aware of our desperate need for direction and poise. Truly taking our mantle and platform seriously and handling it with care because we’ve given up so much to see it prosper. 

Advice to Other Millennials Looking to Attain Greatness in Business in Music, Photography and the Creative Arts…

If you don’t have patience, you’re in the wrong field. If you’re not willing to sacrifice, you’re in the wrong field. It’s not a sprint is a marathon. You must have a solid foundation and support system. 

Cool Things Coming Up for The Cocoa Hue…

We’re starting a new pop up series, so stay tuned! 

For more information on Chasitie and Morgan, check out

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