Afua Rida – Ghana’s Stylist & Influencer

In 2018, millennials all over the world are influenced by media, fashion and their peers. Afua Rida, a native and resident of Ghana, has had the opportunity to be present in and dominate these spheres in Accra. Read about her journey to becoming a stylist and influencer in West Africa.

A Little Bit About Afua Rida…

I am Afua Rida. I started out in the fashion industry in Ghana in 2013 as a Stylist then started my own fashion and lifestyle blog in 2015. I love spreading the good word about fashion in Africa and how brands here and outside of Africa can cross over.


Most Challenging Project You’ve Worked On…

One of the most challenging jobs I did was styling season 2 of “An African City”. The job was pretty big but I overcame it by just putting one foot in front of the other everyday, learning from the professionals around me and team work with my team.

Greatest Achievement With the Afua Rida Brand…

I consider everyday and achievement for me. Being an entrepreneur in any country is hard. Getting up everyday and saying “Listen Afua, let’s treat today as an individual day and give it our best”, could truly be hard sometimes. So at the end of everyday when I lay down in bed, I say, “Good job Afua, tomorrow awaits IMG_6346you!”

Challenges of Being a Millennial Entrepreneur, Particularly in West Africa…

One of the challenges is being a millennial entrepreneur through the channel in which I choose to do business through. Using social media to market brands has a lot of people who are used to traditional ways questioning if this would work. The demand for what I do is not as high compared to other parts of the world.

Cool Things Coming Up for Afua Rida…

I hope so! Just praying for the best honestly and that I bring the world lots of amazing fashion combos to fall in love with.

Find out more about Afua Rida at


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