Grace – Forsteligne Artistry

Art is life and founder of Forsteligne Artistry, Grace, has the ability to bring just about any thought to life with the stroke of her paint brush. Grace recently reached out to MAGS to help enhance her brand and take her business to the next level. We’ve had so much fun working with Forsteligne Artistry and we know you’ll love what she has to offer!

A Little Bit About Grace and Forsteligne Artistry…
I am a young black woman who loves the arts and finds beauty in everything. I am a business woman at heart, who tries to give back using art as the vehicle for change.

Forsteligne Artistry is an art company based out of Toronto, Canada. We provide a number of creative services such as commissioned art, original art, paint classes and paint night parties. As an artist, I want everyone to experience art is a special way.

Grace Feature 2.png

Things That Inspire Grace’s Art…

I draw my artistic inspiration from conversations surrounding racial issues, especially around women of colour, historical findings and day to day discoveries through social media and people.

Favourite Thing About Being A Millennial Entrepreneur…

I love being able to work and connect in a world where everything is a click away . Even though technology has it’s cons , it really helps me to connect to The rest of the world . I am able to connect with people from all types of walk juys by a click and have conversations with like minded and even non like minded people both near and far. There is a joy on knowing and actually feeling the world is at the tips of my fingers

Most Challenging Part of Being a Millennial Artist…

Oversaturation and sometimes misuse of these connections . The cons side of technology is people not being able to connect on a personal level . Another challenging aspect for me is being able to noticed in an overly saturated world. Most often , one can get likes and comments but it doesn’t necessarily mean sales .

How Your Business Has Changed Since Becoming a Client of MAGS…

Since becoming a client of MAGS, I have not only learnt what it entails to run a market digitally but also connect all the dots that makes a business successful.

Advice to Other Millennials Interested in Pursuing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Art…

Don’t give up ! It’s not an easy road to take but it is worth the journey . Find the right people to connect with and know the value and worth of your products.

Cool Events or Projects Coming Up For Forsteligne Artistry…

I am currently doing a research on art and culture in other countries starting with South Africa. Be on the lookout for sales, new art and new opportunities!

Find out more about Grace and Forstelinge Artistry at

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