Solid Marketing Group – Drew

About Drew and Solid Marketing Group…

Prior to starting SMG in 2016, I was working with an agency focused on helping brands and connecting at college events. That was cool but I wanted to jump out on faith and write my own journey and bet on myself. At the end of 2016 I started SMG focusing on elevating personal brands for professional athletes and small businesses. This has been a process that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


How Drew Knew He Wanted To Be An Entrepreneur in Sport, Marketing & Entertainment…

Ever since I wrote a research paper in the 10th grade on being a Sports Agent. I grew up playing basketball and received a scholarship out of high school to play at St. Paul’s College. I knew if I couldn’t play it all my life I wanted to be around the game as a career. The main thing I have learned is that this industry is all about relationships and finding a niche that you can market. Once you find those two things, you can make big things happen.  

Solid Marketing Group’s Greatest Achievement…

One of our greatest achievement was seeing a project that we worked on with Chris Hairston of the LA Chargers be featured in the Los Angeles Times and being covered by Fox Sports. It was great to see an idea that you started from the ground up reach the way it did. That gave me a lot of confidence in myself and my team and gave me confirmation that we are on the right path.


NFL Player, Chris Hariston

Challenges of Being a Millennial Entrepreneur…

I think one of the most common challenges is taking the initial step into becoming an entrepreneur. People have great ideas, plans, and goals for a business but are too afraid to jump out on faith. To overcome that fear is to completely jump out there and trust your process. I am not saying go quit your job tomorrow because everyone’s process and journey is different but staying comfortable and complacent is not the thing to do. You must jump out there and swim with the sharks.


Solid Marketing Group’s Dream Sporting Event…

The Olympics no question! Next one is 2020 in Tokyo so I’m speaking it into existence. SMG will be down! You must believe it even if it sounds crazy. That’s how God moves. Expect the unexpected.

Upcoming Events and Projects for Drew and SMG…

We are putting together a football camp experience for LA Rams player, Mark Barron in Mobile, Alabama at the end of the month so we are very excited about that. We are also planning to announce a start-up partnership with Dorian Finney Smith (Dallas Mavericks) and his foundation really soon so stay tuned.

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