Guilene – GC Talks & Foundation

A Little About Guilene and the GC Foundation…

My name is Guilene Charlotte and I am a sophisticated young woman whose desire is to see a multitude of women walk in their full potential. My desire is to empower women across the nation. I can say I’m an influencer in my generation. I grew up an orphan, and was raised by my loving siblings. I continue to impact women across the nation through my talk show and foundation called GC Foundation (GCF). You can say I wear many hats.

GC Talks show is to empower women all over the world. This show is there to educate women and help them walk in their full potential. The show features informed guest who offer insight, debate and evaluate various issues.

Our overall mission is to ensure women across the nation are receiving the

image_6483441 knowledge they need in order to step out as leaders in their communities. GC Talks is committed to building up women all over the world by empowering them to stand and be risk takers.

Reason For Starting A Talk Show…

A large part of my childhood was spent watching Oprah Winfrey. There was something about Oprah that made me want to be like her in the future.

This vision was given to me by God. I woke up one day in the middle of the night and God began to download this vision of a talk show into my heart. At first I was skeptical, because I felt there were already so many talk shows and I wondered what would set me apart. Then He told me he wanted to use this show to empower the women in my generation. He wanted me to address issues that aren’t addressed. I began to research women who are changing the world through talk shows. In my search, I came across Heather Lindsay and Priscilla Shirer. These women are empowering people all across the nation. I began to study them. By studying them I can say that I am finding out who I am and how I differ from others. I believe thats what sets me and my show apart from others.

Greatest Achievement With GC Talks…

Launching my first GC Talks Live was one of my biggest accomplishments. I was able to invite women from all walks of live to come and share their stories with my viewers. Women who are successful in their communities. These women took their time to speak to millennials on living their purpose. It was a successful event. My second accomplishment thus far has been receiving great feed back from the audience. Hearing people speak to me about the topics I had on the season and their suggestions for topics I should include next season.

Challenges of Being A Millennial Entrepreneur…

Some of the challenges I have dealt with were within myself. I was afraid of hearing what people would say about this show. Is this just another girl starting a YouTube channel? What is she going to offer us? These thoughts kept on running through my head. Eventually I had to allow God to use me. I began to realize that I’m not capable of doing this all alone. By the grace of God I can say that those thoughts are no longer a problem. 


The Importance of Faith In Your Business…

My faith is the most valuable asset to my businesses. If it wasn’t for my faith in God I wouldn’t have begun this journey at all. I was very timid and wasn’t bold. I wouldn’t even imagine myself doing this alone. My relationship with God has grown so much ever since I began this journey. He always reminds me that I cannot do anything without Him being a part of it. I will tell you one thing: I am not allowed to work on my business if my spiritual life isn’t good. Everyday God reminds me that He gave me this vision and he can take it away if I use it from the wrong reasons.

Find out more about Guilene and GC Foundation at and watch GC Talks at

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