Katelyn – V.O.W Plant Based Ice Creams

I scream, you scream, we all scream for plant based ice cream! Katelyn Williams, Co-Founder of V.O.W Ice Creams has always had a love for the tasty treat and has a found a way to make vegan, organic and whole ice cream treat available to customers.

A Little Bit About Katelyn and V.O.W Ice Creams…

V.O.W. Ice Creams is a plant based ice cream company I co-founded in Portland, Oregon this year. We use organic coconut milk and organic sprouted cashew milk to make creamy, plant based ice creams. VOW is an acronym for vegan, organic, whole, and we promise to blow your mind what we can do with plants!

Lessons Katelyn Learned From Her Previous Entrepreneurial Venture, Scoop Sights Dairy Free Ice Cream, Which Have Helped with V.O.W Ice Cream…

The biggest takeaway was learning that I cannot do it all. With Scoop Sights, I was young, didn’t have a plan, and was just figuring it all out as I went. It became unsustainable to grow without a plan and people surrounding me to balance what I lacked. It was a wild and fun ride and I’m so grateful for all the lessons. With VOW, I implemented a simple strategy: Never be the smartest one in the room. I have made a point to surround myself with people doing all kinds of innovative things so I can learn from them. When I don’t know the solution to a problem, I find someone who does.


Why Katelyn Opted for a Brick and Mortar Business…

I have always desired to have my own ice cream shop since I first started making ice creams. I wanted a tangible space where people can come and get an experience that stays with them, all while enjoying a treat that brings them nostalgia and joy. In addition to brick and mortar, I definitely see the importance of being available across different channels, and we will be entering nationwide shipping in 2019.

Financing Your Business as a Millennial Entrepreneur…

What I did was approach someone who’s existing business resided in the space that I believed my product could be as well. I persisted for months until I got the meeting with her. Within days I was in front of her entire team pitching my idea. The tenacity and refusal to quit is what will get you wherever you want to go. My suggestion would be to first very clearly define what your goals are. There’s no right or wrong, I believe it’s all about what you desire. The more clearly you can define that, then you can start defining how to fill in the blanks. How can a partner bring in money, shared services, infrastructure? How will that help your business grow at twice the speed? What is worth it for you?

Most Challenging Part of Starting and Owning V.O.W… 

The most challenging part of starting VOW has been waiting. I am a fiery entrepreneur who wants to hit the ground running, but with VOW, I also recognized the importance of laying a solid foundation. So, my partner and I have chosen to lay our bricks before jumping ahead, which I am grateful for. To me, running a business successfully is about getting used to feeling overwhelmed or unsure… most of the time. I believe normalizing it with acceptance helps me know that I’m going to keep accomplishing and getting through it, because that’s what I always have done.

Cool Projects or Events Coming Up For Katelyn and V.O.W…

Ice cream shop set to open Dec 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

Find out more about Katelyn and V.O.W at https://www.katelynywilliams.com/

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