Brian – Brian Junior

A Little About Brian and Brian Junior the Brand…

 My name is Brian Edwards Jr. I am a photographer from a Dayton, Texas. I’ve been creating for as long I can remember. Sketching little ideas in my school notebooks or customizing my own clothes and what not throughout high school. When I went to college I really got into creating music, writing and producing. From there, I started to throw myself into every creative discipline that peaked my interest.

In December 2014 I started taking photos with my iPhone with a few friends who encouraged me to continue shooting and get an Instagram to connect with like-minded individuals. In Three in a half years I’ve traveled the world taking photos shot for major brands and artist, mentored many young artist, and used my art to give back to the world in so many different facets and it’s just the beginning. Those moments have propelled me to establish my brand as a multi disciplined creative. I am dedicated to creating the greatest art I can to connect my audience to great stories and emotion that binds us all. 

Favourite Picture You’ve Taken…

Whooo! One hmm… this is tough I have so many. My most recent favourite photograph I’ve taken is a shot I took about 2 months ago on the coast in Oregon. I was walking along the beach and I could see two people off in the distance so I snapped a photo. I eventually saw their faces; a couple probably in their late 60s or early 70s, hand in hand, IMG_4709enjoying the beauty of creation and the gift of life. It made me reflect on my definition of love & life also my dreams and aspirations to grow old and still travel the world with people I love, chasing the things I love until time is no more. The tones of the picture and the story together move me on a emotional level.

The Importance of Millennial Photographers in a Time Where Everyone Can Take Pictures on Their Cellphones…

I believe photographers are very important in this age. To some the market seems to be over saturated with everyone having access to cameras on their phones and dslrs. We are flooded with images all day via social media. Although our consumption of imagery is high, a lot of it is very disposable. I think the true essence of a photographer is trying to craft an image that moves you emotionally as well as aesthetically please you. Anyone can take a photo. Some can even make it aesthetically pleasing but, can your image change how people feel? Can your image change the way people view the world? Can It move a person to tears or evoke action? I feel that is where our importance lies and its how we differentiate ourselves as modern photographers in a disposable age.

One Person You Would Like to Photograph… 

If I could shoot one person today it would be Jorja Smith for Nike’s Women’s wear. She’s incredible. Nike is one of my favourite brands and I think we would create great art together. 

A Little Bit About Brian’s Podcast…

I have a podcast called ‘The Good Shepherds Podcast’ with my Co-host and my brother, the Legendary Jamal Edward Wright. We discuss current popular culture and societal issues that we all face. It’s steeped in humour , cultural references with a inspirational undertone. We release episodes every Thursday via Apple podcast & SoundCloud. The podcast has allowed me to express my creativity in many ways. Wearing the producer hat forces me to put together relevant content and segments that really resonate with people’s hearts and minds. IMissed  also get to do strategic marketing, mixing and choosing music. It brings out my creativity in different ways and I really love it!

Cool Events or Projects Coming Up…

I have a major announcement coming real soon stay tuned to my Instagram, podcast & website. I will be sharing the big news on all those platforms. 

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