Social Media and Your Business

They don’t even have an Instagram page. This can’t be a real company,” – Generation Z Consumer.

Sounds crazy right? Social media has become such an integral part of business. It’s part of the reason why huge corporations spend money on social media ads and why social media influencers are a things. MAGS has some easy tips for you to improve your social media skills!

  1. Post consistently – The more you post, the more followers and consumers 
  2. Turn your social media accounts into business accounts. This allows you to get information on your followers, promote posts through paid ads and 
  3. Produce Quality Content – ensure you post clear images that relate to your product or services. 
  4. Build Your Following. Be patient when building your following. It takes time. Ensure you reach out to friends, family and clients and encourage them to follow and share your social media handles with others. 
  5. Utilize Paid Ads. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google all allow for paid promotions. Simply create the content, fill in the necessary information (length of ad, demographics, etc ) and you’re good to go! 
  6. Be Authentic!

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