Girls Connected Conversations – A night with Lola Plaku, Sharifa Murdock and Jodi Taylor

By: Marian Agyei-Gyamera 
Who runs the world? G I R L S! 

This narrative definitely rang loudly at the Shopify offices on March 2nd as Girl Connected hosted their second ‘GIRL CONNECTED Conversation’. 

Jodi, Sharifa and Lola speaking to attendees. 

Founded by Artist Management and branding guru, Lola Plaku, the event featured two amazing ladies, Sharifa Murdock and Jodi Taylor.  We had an insightful conversation on identity, authenticity, brand visibility and networking, just to name a few. 

I’ve been to my fair share of networking events but this one was different. Girl Connected developed a wonderful atmosphere for all attendees to feel welcomed and heard. Lola, Jodi and Sharifa were honest and open with their responses and made us feel like we were all best friends catching up on life.

You know we love a good list here at MAGS, so here are the top 4 things we learned. 

  • “Focus on Your Niche,” (Lola Plaku) — Be aware of WHO your consumer is. Do the research, speak to the fans, clients and consumers currently supporting you. This will give you a solid idea of who they are, what they like and what to do to keep their attention. Focusing on a niche market also gives you the opportunity to become an expert in that particular area and develop a strong consumer base. 


  • “Continue Helping Each Other,” (Sharifa Murdock) — At MAGS, we always discuss the value of building your network. A way to develop that that is through helping others! Create or share an opportunity, swap a service, help connect two individuals who could use one another’s help. You lose nothing by helping those around you. 


  • “Be Confident… Enjoy the Process,” (Jodi Taylor) — Always keep your end goal in mind and be sure to enjoy the small and big victories you experience along the way! This process builds character and teaches life long lessons, making you better overall.


  •  Make Yourself Visible — This means digitally and physically! Keep all your socials up to date (at a healthy pace) and connect with people that work in your industry through conversations about your interests and goals.  This puts you on their radar.  Additionally, when networking with new people, ensure you are establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. Always be sure to follow up, meet up and check up on your network. It can lead to great business opportunities and genuine friendships. 

Special thanks to Girl Connected and Lola for hosting a wonderful event, Sharifa and Jodi for speaking with us and Factor for sponsoring such a great initiative.


Sharifa Murdock and MAGS Founder, Marian  


Coveteur Editor, Jodi Taylor and attendees.



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