How To Benefit From Paid Ads

A huge part of digital marketing involves utilizing paid promotions on social networking platforms. Many businesses, included big brands, use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote their businesses and sell products on a daily basis.

These social networking sites have made it fairly easy to set up paid advertising but there are a few things to consider before spending money on these ads to ensure you get your bang for your buck.

Establish Reasonable Goals: What are you hoping to gain from your paid promotion? Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to track different information such as new page likes, post level engagement, opting into email and website clicks. Determine which metric you’re interested in tracking most and build your ads based on that!

Establish A Realistic Target Audience: Facebook and Instagram allow you to determine which type of consumers you would like to reach based on location, age, gender and interests. Be sure to select criteria based on your goals and the ideal clients or consumers you would like supporting your business. It’s often best to target a small group you know you can actually reach as opposed to trying to reach everyone.

Create Eye-Catching Ads: Ensure your social media ads actually capture someones attention. Using clear images of real people in a great setting is important. Be sure to use colours and fonts that keep people engaged. Refrain from making your ads too busy or too wordy.

Do Not Overwhelm Your Audience: Paid ads are great but remember that people use social media as a form of relaxation. Running 5 paid ads at once will result in people feeling bombarded by your content and result in limited engagement with your content.

One Last Thing – Facebook has various articles and blog posts committed to advertising which provides further insight on how to optimize ads. Ads created and promoted on Facebook can also appearing on Instagram, making it easy to promote on both platforms. Additionally, if you are interested in simple, paid promotions, you can boost your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Need some help with social media advertising? Contact us for more information!

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