Netflix Movies/Documentaries Entrepreneurs Should Watch

The COVID-19 lockdown has encouraged us to do a lot of things: work from home, spend more time with our families or maybe even start a passion project. A lot of us have also used this time to watch interesting, funny and sometimes crazy movies, tv shows and documentaries on Netflix.

Despite the fact that LLC Twitter is shaming a lot of us for watching Netflix, there are a lot of educational and inspirational movies to watch.

Here are a few:

The Great Hack (Documentary)

The Great Hack follows the insane story of how Cambridge Analytica used data and Facebook to influence not just one, but several political elections. 

It’s a great reminder that marketing doesn’t have to be pretty but it has to appease to your target market in order to be successful. It also shows that for a lot of businesses, their political affiliations and ethical beliefs go where the money is. 

The Social Network (Movie)

The film is an alleged depiction of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbug’s rise to success in the tech world. The film reminds us that it’s a dog eat dog world and even friends can’t be trusted.

Inside Bill’s Brain (Limited Series)

Take a trip inside the mind of Bill Gates as the billionaire opens up about those who influenced him and the audacious goals he’s still pursuing.

The Pursuit of Happiness (Movie)

Based on the real life story of Chris Gardner, a homeless dad and intern, who is trying to pursue his dreams while keeping both he and his son alive.

Dirty Money (Series)

This intriguing series shares the stories of corporate corruption and fraud. Each episode focuses on one example of corporate corruption and how big business and greed may ultimately hurt low level employees and consumers.

She Did That (Documentary)

This film explores the passionate pursuits of Black women and their entrepreneurship journeys.

There are so many other great movies, documentaries and tv shows centered around entrepreneurship and business. Which would you recommend?

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