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The Intro: MAGS Moments

Episode 1: About MAGS – Jan 14th, 2019

Episode 2: Fyre Festivallll ??????? *Soulja Boy Voice* – Jan 21st, 2019

Episode 3: Lessons Learned – What 2018 Taught MAGS – February 2nd, 2019

Episode 4 : Your Network is You

Episode 5: Operation Varsity Blues

Episode 6: Two Jobs, Too Many?

Episode 7: Revenge of The Nerds

Episode 8: The Marathon Continues

Episode 9: Mo Money

Episode 10: Ayesha Curry & Your Instagram Likes

Episode 11: The Family Business

Episode 12: Leader of the New School

Episode 13:  The Greater Works Conference 

Episode 14: For The Culture 

Episode 15: Pressed News 

Episode 16: New SZN

Episode 17: BeBlended

Bonsu Episode: Keep Your Socials Going